The Saboteur Within – Exploring this Archetype

I was talking with a client earlier this week whose saboteur archetype is in full force and then last night with a friend about relationships after he read my blog on soul mates. According to the teachings of Caroline Myss (I love her work) there are 4 main archetypes we all share. They are the Child, Victim, Saboteur and Prostitute.

I took a class from Caroline many years ago on Sacred Contracts and then taught from her book of the same name. From the information I gained from her and some of my own experiences, I came up with a list of characteristics of these archetypes. Myss explains how each of these four archetypes are like legs of a table in which we build our life. I’ll share the information first about the Saboteur Archetype which Myss refers to as the Guardian of Choice. If you journal, this will give you a great opportunity to explore your inner life journaling from these characteristics.

Core issue of saboteur is fear of inviting changes into your life; changes that shape and deepen your spirit

  • Other side of destruction is rebuilding and rebirth
  • Use saboteur to consciously dismantle areas of your life you need to fix or heal
  • Makes itself known through disruption and resistance
  • Is the mirror that reflects your fears of taking responsibility for yourself and what you create
  • You can silence the saboteur with acts of courage and following your intuition
  • Listen to the small voice and make choices – small ones to begin with
  • Shadow saboteur will play on your fears that you are not good enough to accomplish anything on your own
  • We are afraid that if we are enlightened we will be alone, wont’ be vulnerable, capable of sensual love, so we feed the shadow saboteur, the part of use that is fragmented
  • We fear empowerment because we think it will remove us from the warmth and comfort of loved ones
  • We fear empowerment because we don’t want to be responsible for our actions and therefore consciously or unconsciously encourage our weakness and hold onto our fears; we do want to be around others that are empowered or enlightened though
  • Do you sabotage your personal growth for a little comfort or does your inner saboteur alert you to stay on the Yellow Brick Road
  • Work with your saboteur to see where you may be doing yourself in (what are you doing you know you should not be doing and what you are not doing that you know you should be doing?
  • Have you blown an opportunity to follow a dream?
  • Saboteur is made up of the fears and issues related to low self esteem that cause you to make choices in your life that block your own empowerment and success
  • When you make the saboteur your ally it can call your attention to ways you might be sabotaged or sabotage yourself and then you can make other choices The intellect of the scarecrow can work with your saboteur to alert you to when you are doing yourself in

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