Let others get to Know You!


“But you can’t get away from yourself. You can’t decide not to see yourself anymore. You can’t decide to turn off the noise in your head.” 
― Jay AsherThirteen Reasons Why


Connecting with others can be a warm, inviting and loving experience. This is true especially when we know ourselves well and allow others to get to know us. Actually, it is through letting others get to know us that we do learn about ourselves.

Some of us isolate and don’t get consistent feedback from others from their expressions, communication or touch. Some have so many people around them that they get lost in the chaos and no one really gets to know them at all.


I remember many years ago meeting a new friend. She had the incredible ability to communicate clearly and directly and she often shared with me how she saw me. When this happened, I began not only to understand how others saw me, but I also saw the part of me that she saw. Having been in survival mode most of my life, having two children by the time I was 18 and being a single mom, I didn’t have time to do much other than work and had little self-reflection. At that time I had self-esteem as well. The gift she gave me by sharing how she saw me was precious. For the first time I was able to see my own spirit nature and the softness in my heart.

There have been many more experiences like this and some that were not so positive. I’ll share these later.

So today, if you get the chance, take the time to reflect back to someone what you see in them that they may not see. Lift them with your ability to see their true being, their beauty, the essence of who they are. 

One Comment on “Let others get to Know You!”

  1. Casi Nerina says:

    Thanks for sharing. I often have trouble letting people get to know me. However, like you, I have found that a few really good friends help me learn just as much about myself as I learn about others.

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