We are all Connected!


“A sickly body does not indicate that a guru is not in touch with divine powers, any more than lifelong health necessarily indicates an inner illumination.

– Paramhansa Yogananda – Autobiography of a Yogi

As I fly over the ocean on my way to Kolkata, by way of Dubai, I am contemplating the next blog post. It seems fitting to share what I wrote on my last trip to India which was in 2010.

The first few days of my trip to India were about teaching me to listen to my intuition. One of the experiences where I didn’t listen to this gentle inner voice was at the train station in Mumbai. On the platform a young crippled man came up to me. He was scooting himself across the dirty cement of the station with his hands; his feet were twisted and he looked like one who was sitting with his legs curled up to his body.  I reached into my purse and gave him some coins. My intuition said to give him 500 rupees, but I thought my travel mates would say no and so I didn’t. When I gave him the rupees, his eyes and mine met and there was an incredible light in his eyes. I felt like I had touched a power source and electricity ran through me. A few minutes later he crossed my path again and our eyes met, we smiled, connected and waved.

As I write this, days later, my eyes are tearing. When I went to our train compartment I shared my experience with my friend. He said “this is the first of many you will meet. That is why you were so touched.” I explained to him that I agreed I would meet many who were suffering or needy, but that this one is different. My intuitive self knew he was an enlightened being. My friend asked then why would this man have that kind of body?

I entered trance and began to share the information I received. I understood we are not our body. This physically crippled man has transcended his body. The reason he took on this body is that he came to the earth, this incarnation to be a light and to mirror to others. Everyone who looks at him will see him differently. I saw an enlightened being. Another person may experience anger, sadness, judgment or joy. He mirrored to us what we needed to see in ourselves at that time. I needed to see an enlightened being in a form that I did not expect. Another time I may experience him differently. If this experience was all that happened to me spiritually on this trip to India, it would have been enough, but so much more happened and I am so grateful. This incredible being gave me a healing I will remember forever.

As the trip continued I realized an important theme of this trip is we are all connected and we gift each other. In this case, I gave him rupees and I saw the soul he truly was. He gave me some kind of spiritual activation and awareness of myself; an understanding of what my life is about at this moment.

I hope that we can look at others in our lives and experience the healing of being mirrored by them.

3 Comments on “We are all Connected!”

  1. Gabor Kovacs says:

    Very mocing story and reflection from your trip to India. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a beautiful post. Bob Proctor says “We are not our body. We live in a body.” Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience. I can tell it touched your life in a meaningful way that you carry with you to this day. We all should be so lucky as to have our intuition touched by beautiful souls.

  3. p.ragupathi says:

    excellent post!! this should remind we are soul we all are one soul…

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