Has to be both – this and that!

Day Six

Busy work day today. Domingo walked me. I realize I need to not separate days into exercise days and workdays. There cannot be an either/or. There can be a both! Still detoxing a lot and am caught between how good it is for me and how I want to feel better and have more energy. Ugh!

 Wasn’t too hard to be grain free today. Instead of eggs and a piece of toast I fixed eggs scrambled with spinach and the peppers in my yard. I added some cheese. It was filling and less points (weight watchers system.)

 I don’t do weight watchers right now, but have an app on my phone that calculates the points. I use it off and on.


2 Comments on “Has to be both – this and that!”

  1. Damaris says:

    Yes! I have come to that conclusion as well. This week as a matter of fact.

  2. We are on the same thought stream! You are so motivating in that you love to dance and are really active! I love that about you!

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