Leaky What?

Day Nine (This was Thursday)

Busy day today on Skype with a business associate and then had a session with my creativity coach. I had a breakthrough about blogging during this call. Today I am allowing myself to focus on organizing my office and have a day off from exercise.

I had planned to end with music in the park, but instead when my housekeeper was cleaning she saw that my upstairs toilet tank was leaking. I was doing well until my wrench got stuck on the nut! Thanks to my son-in-law it got fixed. 


Okay, housekeeper you say! We all have our splurges. I am not a shopper and believe me, you can spend more money on a purse or shoes than I pay to have Renee come every 2 to 3 weeks to do the cleaning.

My blog is almost caught up to today!! Stay tuned and join the ride!


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