Great news! My blog is now up to date!

 Just returned from a long walk along the river down to People’s Park. I am not sure how active you are, but getting out in your own neighborhood can be interesting. I watched a doe and her two babies cross the road, but wasn’t quick enough to get a photo.

There was a group of people floating the river in inner tubes and the laughter and energy was motivating. I definitely will raft the river before the cold comes.


 Although I love it when Domingo walks me, it is much easier to walk farther with a friend. In this case, I called a friend who has lost a lot of weight, is healthy, beautiful and looks very young for her age!

 Jim Rohn, a motivational speaker said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” I have quoted this many times and now I see how important it is to weight loss and being active and healthy. I can see the difference already in seeing myself as a woman who has an athletic trainer.

Those of you who are following this blog motivate me also.


4 Comments on “Motivated!”

  1. Brenda Iverson says:

    I admire what you doing. Seeking help and support from people in the same mind set is truly the best thing you could have done. Your mind will try to sneak in and get you back to your previous comfort zone, it’s like an a addict, call your support group during those struggles to stay on course. It is a lifestyle and it takes surrounding yourself with people living that lifestyle until you see your own personal results and strength of commitment you have developed. I too have wanted this very thing but seem to allow my busy life to get in my way. Good luck Candace your not only on a road to health but to self empowerment.

  2. Thanks Brenda! I feel exhilerated connecting with others on the same path. Having been a mental health counselor for over 20 years, most of the time I have been listening and supporting. By the nature of the mental health work, I have not been vulnerable to others with my own process. Now that I am a Success Coach (board certified) the boundaries have changed and I can share my own process. It is a fun and amazing shift!

  3. Happy to hear that you are a Success Coach and that the boundaries have changed; creating a space for everyone to share their process.
    I’m realizing how powerful my thoughts have steered the course of my body. I remember talking to a friend at work and saying,

    “I BELIEVE I’m fat.”
    She asked me, “why do you believe you’re fat?”
    I replied, ” because I AM.”
    I was already on the slippery slope creating it when I declared out loud I AM.

    I’ve been hiking a lot lately. What has been motivating to me is buying hiking clothing that is moisture-wicking, stretchy for movement, etc; clothing that supports my body as I work out. I never thought of hiking before as I didn’t “look” like a hiker–don’t know if that makes sense;-)
    Caroline Myss talks about the power of “packaging yourself physically for a different future. Builds energy.” Now I get it. I even bought new insoles for my boots and that’s something I NEVER EVER would have purchased in the past. I’m learning:-)

    I’ve use this site to scope out new hikes/walks or meandering along the way for a bit. You can map where you want to walk, check mileage, etc. I love this site so I wanted to share it.

  4. Carol, thank you for the map site! It is ingenious. Your comments are so motivating. I have bought some workout clothes over the years, but I tucked them away in a bottom drawer. Today I’ll get them out and start using them. Well, today I’ll pull the clothes out of the drawer and take the next few days to sort, toss or use! Please share your walk experiences!

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