Your next Step . . .

“Continuous improvement is not a one-off project or ‘flavor of the month’ . . .  it is a constant and never-ending commitment backed up by action. ”  –  Author Unknown

Wherever you are on your path, what is important is that you are going in the direction you want to be going. 

I realized this in the journal class I taught this week. I found myself writing that I am happy, happy, happy and it is because I am on “my path.” What I meant by this is that I have in place what I need to continue in the right direction. In this case, a commitment to working with an athletic trainer and a commitment to this blog. Everything else will fall into place. 

Whenever you are working on health and fitness, be it weight loss, weight gain or building strength, you have to start where you are and move into your next step!


Often I see people who are promoting diets, exercise, and health plans that are so far ahead of where the consumer is, there is no way they can envision themselves being successful. Therefore they spend a lot of money and fail. When you find your mentor or your muse, even if they may be far from where you are, also find others who are only a few steps ahead

People are more successful when they find support from people who start with them right where they are, and build to the next step. 

Health and fitness become your lifestyle, one step at a time. Find the support you deserve.


12 Comments on “Your next Step . . .”

  1. Scott says:

    You have to start slow and make a total lifestyle change. Diets just don’t work long-term.

  2. So true Scott. The yo-yo dieting can be crazy-making.

  3. Laurel Regan says:

    I firmly believe that small steps lead to big things!

  4. Sandy Evers says:

    I like what you said. It seems the reason people fail is because they do not began where they are; they try and “keep up with the Jones’ “. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

  5. Isn’t that the truth Sandy. Some days it is all we can do to keep up with ourselves!

  6. Larisa says:

    Ahh…Candess, you make me laugh, you make me cry and always just at the right time!!!
    I flipped my new found trainer off today and I called him a d**k!!
    He loved it!
    He said that was just where he wanted me to be and that meant we were making progress!!

    I want to be a skinny bitch, too!
    Problem is, I’ve been one, and I just can’t stay there very long, so my “head” says go for healthy bitch, but dayum, skinny, fabulous bitch is so much more fun!!

  7. readmydna says:

    This is s much better statement than “I want to lose weight.” When I was a personal trainer I always made people say things like “I am cleansing all excess bodyfat” or “The bodyfat is melting away” and “it’s impossible for me to carry excess fat”.
    We can remove all negative energies by saying “I fill my body, mind and Soul with The Silver Violet Flame” or how ’bout “I am truely a skinny DIVA!!” Love Tory

    • The present time affirmation is so much better, isn’t it. In this case it would probably be “I am a skinny bitch,” but the title is for fun. The information that I will be sharing, other than my own experience will be about health and fitness. Thanks for sharing Tory!

  8. Satiabhama Mungroo says:

    To keep on the next step, a strong will power and motivation is necessary.

  9. Nice to hear from you Satiabhama! Wishing you and your family excellent health and happiness!

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