“I can accept anything, except what seems to be the easiest for most people: the half-way, the almost, the just-about, the in-between.”     ― Ayn Rand

Several years ago when I was struggling with adrenal fatigue my boyfriend and I were planning a trip to Italy. Venice was on my bucket list, but he insisted on Florence. Since he was flying us first class I was not going to argue.


Venice, Italy

Later we dreamed about our trip and shared with each other. He envisioned having a delicious cup of Italian coffee and breakfast on the veranda. At that time, one cup of coffee would have wiped out my adrenals for the day and I shared I would be having a cup of tea.

Well, he would have none of that! It was Italy! It had to be coffee, and the argument ensued!

Looking back, it seems silly that I would not have one cup of coffee, but the reality is, my body was in a crisis. A few months after that, I couldn’t function well at all. For almost a year, most days I only had the energy to see one client a day, could rarely walk my dog and learned to take baths because I couldn’t stand long enough to shower. 

Well, the coffee disagreement was one of many times I couldn’t have an opinion in this relationship and soon it dissolved.

Now though, I see how easy it was for me to compromise my bucket list and how unwilling I was to compromise my health.

This is a good reminder today and everyday as I make choices around my health.


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8 Comments on “Compromise”

  1. Not so bad of a trade off … without your health, you could not live a full life to enjoy your bucket list. Plus you got a trip to Italy. I say you did a good job!

  2. Love the trade off decision! It took me a few years to figure out that I didn’t even need a man in my life – once I made that decision I found my hubby and spiritual health with physical health grew!
    Congratulations on your Amazon Best Seller!

  3. Jeff Sollee says:

    I would definitely say that you made the right choice too! I believe that taking care of you and your health far outweighs the trip to Italy.

    I have been in somewhat of the same situation but with OCD instead, so in a way I can completely understand what you mean about compromise.

    Sounds like you not only made the right decision about valuing your health… But also getting out of that relationship where it sounds like you were not allowed to be yourself!

    Wonderful post and look forward to the next!
    -Jeff Sollee

    • I can relate to the OCD. I had a family member stay with me recently for 30 days and helped this person by not accommodating or assuring. Being a counselor who used to run a chemical dependency agency made it easier for me than most, but the book Loving Someone with OCD was a godsend.

  4. cheyenne mendel says:

    Very strange for another human being to say what someone else should be doing.
    I give health and dietary advice all day long but would not attempt to control what people do or dont do. Takes enough energy to manage my own system and being.
    Great blog.
    Cheyenne mendel

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