“I decided to take an aerobics class. I bent… twisted… gyrated… jumped up and down… and perspired for a half an hour. But by the time I got my tights on…. the class was over!”      – Anonymous


Several years ago I wanted to begin exercising again by riding my recumbent bike for 30 minutes a day. For motivation I called my friend Cheyenne and told her my goal. For every day that week that I didn’t ride my bike, I would pay her $50. She was delighted to help. Did I ride every day that week? Of course!

money  Once I understood how motivated I was by that agreement, I used it with clients.  When they were stuck and not obtaining their goals, I made this offer. They would clearly outline their goals and I would assist them by having them write a $50 check to the charity of their choice. I’d keep the check and if they didn’t reach their goal, I’d put it in the mail to their charity. I’d even provide the stamp.  Just thinking of writing a check (money talks) motivated them to complete the goal. Accountability works.

 What motivated me to write this blog, and a case in point, is that I am transcribing this blog on my iPhone while I’m walking Domingo along the Spokane river.  After spending this morning on Skype with Mahfuzul making changes on my website and creating coupon codes to give away a free CD download to my list, I really wanted to stay in my office and get the email out!

Domingo at the Spokane River

Domingo at the Spokane River

Because I have a training session with Luke, my athletic trainer tomorrow morning, I was motivated to “step away from the computer” and take a 45 minute walk in between clients. (Oh, I just found a quarter in the dirt!)

My work is fun and I love it, but I’ll have plenty of time to get back to work later. Right now I’m building my commitment to movement and exercise until my body craves it as much as my mind loves to work.

It helps to be accountable!



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I’ll set the email to go out on Friday August 22nd.



2 Comments on “Accountability”

  1. Many years ago, my boss had this rule on Punctuality. Late first time, $5. 2nd time, $50. 3rd time, $500. You bet we were punctual every meeting. Luckily the counter reset every month ;p It was effective. Kept us on the toe. Now it reminds me to look into my daily schedule again. Thanks for the post Candess 🙂

  2. Jeff Sollee says:

    Hi Candess,

    That quote in the beginning made me laugh pretty hard! haha

    That is truly a great idea with the check writing! It is so true that money talks, and even though it was going to a good charitable donation, it really helps in accountability. Let’s face it… I don’t think many people like to lose money, when they could have just completed their task.

    I think that accountability partners work great (unless of course you get someone who is not accountable for themselves, which happened to me)

    Speaking of… I have been slipping a little bit lately, time to go find one for myself!

    Thank you for reminding me about this! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    All the best,
    Jeff Sollee

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