On the Hunt for Sugar!

“Some of the largest companies are now using brain scans to study how we react neurologically to certain foods, especially to sugar. They’ve discovered that the brain lights up for sugar the same way it does for cocaine.”

― Michael MossSalt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us


Getting rid of extra weight is easy to envision when I am in my organizing mood. After all, I clean out my car, closet, and cupboards and cleanse my body.

This weekend I am cleaning out the food in my house that is inedible. This can be food with outdated labels, nuts that snuck out of the package and homesteaded in the corner of my cupboard and the sushi candy given to me by my Japanese exchange students.


Mostly though, I am on the hunt for sugar. Actually, I probably won’t find much. I have been careful to keep sugary foods out of my house, although I have been know to visit a neighbor begging for cookies. 

Cleaning my fridge and my cupboards is symbolic to cleaning out my digestive system. Being aware of the food choices I have at hand will help me to make better choices. I will be more conscious, more aware of what I put in my mouth.


10 Comments on “On the Hunt for Sugar!”

  1. Larisa says:

    It’s amazing how quickly and easily our taste buds can be retrained….
    I’m one to always go on the hunt for something sweet after a meal, but I’ve learned a handful of delicious, juicy, sweet deep burgundy red cherries more than satisfies that urge these days!!!

  2. Dr Pat says:

    Way to go Candess!

    Thrive, Don’t Just Survive!


    Patrick Dougherty, D.C.

    2110 N. Washington Street, #1

    Spokane WA 99205


    Member of: The Holistic Chamber of Commerce,

    & The International Association of Medical Intuitives

  3. Thats it?! I thought there would be so much more on how these companies have got us hooked

    • Josh, in this blog the focus is more about self-responsibility and becoming healthier. In my book 12 Weeks to Self-Healing: Transforming Pain through Energy Medicine, I do educate more on different foods, but my belief is we need to educate ourselves and not blame the food companies or governing bodies for what we eat.

  4. prabhatks says:

    I love sugars and sweet products very much. Can’t stop myself from eating them if it’s infront of my eye. I don’t care of my sickness or any other things going on with me. Even if there are restrictions on me from eating them. I don’t care for anything but to go for it in anyany condition. Love sweets love sugar….!!!

  5. sophiebowns says:

    I think I like sugar too much! 0_o

  6. I grew up in a household where ‘sweet tooth’ was a term that was spoken with high regard. I tried giving up sugar once – it was tough!

  7. Dawn says:

    So happy to hear I’m not the only one who goes through their kitchen periodically. It does remind me of what I have been putting into my body and gives me the opportunity to get rid of those things I should not be eating.

    Usually, the only sugar I find is that bag of granulated sugar my grandson uses for his iced tea. Although I’m working on “weaning” him from the sugar, it really does not lure me to use it in anything I eat.

    But, put a Milky Way bar in front of me and it will disappear in seconds! My one vice with sugary food. Thank goodness I treat those things as a really super treat only occassionally.

    Another thing I try to stay away from is processed foods. It is probably easier for me because I live where I can have a large garden every year.

    I simply do not buy foods with salt added…and it really miffs me that those kind of goods cost more than those with added salt!

    Although I don’t cook with oils or other fats everyday, a piece of red meat with some fat on it is so satisfying to me. Thankfully, I don’t eat meat every day. Looking back, I can not blame any company for this addiction; it came from living on a farm where meat and dairy was abundant.

    But the short of it is that you should be aware of what you are putting into your body.

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