Mini Spokane

It wasn’t until I moved into Browne’s Addition that I felt truly at home in Spokane. Since then I have moved to a house down by the river. I am truly blessed. 

 I have been walking the Spokane River for 30 years. She has nourished me as only she can! 




3 Comments on “Mini Spokane”

  1. tamikalmapp says:

    I know the feeling. I get that feeling when I walk Harlem River Drive, I feel at peace and only she knows my troubles for the day. As I walk my path, I can feel her wings beneath my feet like she’s guiding my every step. So when I’m walking home, it’s like I’m feel anew all over again.

  2. Shalzzz says:

    Made me miss my home! That feeling of peace and relief is truly special, isn’t it!
    Dropping in from UBC.

  3. sandytsc says:

    How nice Candess. It seems so unreal n mystical and knowing it is a present city, nice! Imagining I am breathing the fresh air and listening to the waterfall from here! 😀 LOL

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