Spokefest – What a Ride!

It’s my view that the best exercise routine for you is the one you will do consistently.

Candess M. Campbell  –  12 Weeks to Self-Healing: Transforming Pain through Energy Medicine



Planning ahead is important. This morning here in Spokane, we have the Spokefest Event.    This is where over 2000 cyclists get together for a fun ride. If you remember, I just had my bike tuned up, but I was not tuned in. I didn’t know about the event until yesterday when I saw the signs in my neighborhood asking us to watch out for cyclists on Sunday. As I watched thousands of cyclists ride by, I am green with envy.

What I did though is put it on my calendar so I can sign up for 2015! Motivated by the energy of the riders, I’ll have my own personal ride later today and be happy that I am healthy and have a great bike.

 Hope this motivates you too! Enjoy the video!




4 Comments on “Spokefest – What a Ride!”

  1. Skinnyliz says:

    Cycling is getting more and more popular in the south of England, there are lots of annual bike rides, in fact we watched the London to Brighton one go past our door a couple of months back, they were going in a steady stream for hours, there were thousands participating!!

  2. minette2012 says:

    My husband did an Ironman Triathlon this summer and it was motivational not just to see all the competitors at the event but to see his level of commitment to his health and to his training. Definitely motivated me to get my bum in gear consistently! I got a Fitbit which has been awesome for tracking steps and keeping me going every day.

  3. The Fitbit seems to be helpful for a lot of people! My former husband was an extreme athlete and would ride 100 miles a day. My response was not to ride at all at that time, but now I ride at my own pace. I do want to share though, when I was married to him I created a joke. Here it is – “Look at all those cyclist – due to all that in-breeding, they now all dress alike!” 🙂

  4. amybovai says:

    I love biking! Unfortunately, the last time I did it, the bike I rented for the summer was too big for me and I fell off it going to Fred Meyers Grocery store. Yikes! Glad i wasn’t too badly injured. I want to ride at home now but it’s a little dangerous for both me and anyone I might run into due to my poor vision. But I just found a solution to the problem – tandem biking! Although you mentioned you like to ride at your own pace, tandem biking may still be a fun option for you. I blogged about that tonight. So you might want to read about my colleague who makes it an integral part of her workout! http://amybovaird.com/tandem-bicycling-fun-fitness/
    Thanks for your great post!

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