“Many people look for medical intuitive readings. With study, I learned that all physical issues relate to emotional issues and, at the core, to the belief beneath those emotions. With this knowledge, I began adding psychic readings to my private practice.”

Candess M. Campbell

12 Weeks to Self-Healing: Transforming Pain through Energy Medicine 

Today I have a Psychic Gallery Reading in Bend, Oregon. Many of us have Psychic abilities and we often stop using them as children. If we are not told to stop making things up by our parents, we are later made fun of by our peers. 


Deschutes Children’s Foundation East Campus 2125 NE Daggett Lane, Bend, OR

Whenever I teach classes on Clairvoyance, my students begin to remember the stories of how they were able to access their intuition when young. We all get “gut feelings” and the more you acknowledge this and pay attention to it, the more it develops.

You can take a notebook and just jot down your intuitive thoughts when they come up and later go back and look over what you wrote. You will notice you are way more intuitive than your mind remembers.

It is important to allow your children and grandchildren to share their stories, whether they be “made up” friends and images or their true intuition, play along and let them stay connected to their inner wisdom. Over time they will let go of what is made up and continue to hold onto what is intuition.

You can find 4 Ways to Develop Your Clairvoyance at

If you want to know more about Energy Medicine, just go here.  

3 Comments on “Psychic?”

  1. We lose a lot of abilities as we grow up, it seems. The ability to self-regulate eating. The ability to learn multiple languages at the same time, without getting them confused. (I saw this happen with two cousins who grew up in a bi-lingual household). Fortunate are those households that honor the abilities of their young children.

  2. stephanie7183 says:

    First of all, I think it’s awesome that I have come across a blogger who resides in the same town as me and I think it’s awesome that you are doing a gallery reading. It is not awesome that I am not able to go due to other commitments. I will definitely be coming back to read your future posts.

  3. Yes, I definitely think it’s important to hone and nurture these natural gifts within us, starting as early as possible, i.e., when noticed! 😉 ❤

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