Anger craves Sugar!

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.

― Gloria Steinem

Most people who know me say that I am calm. I think my tendency is to be able to see several sides of a situation and be to accepting. I have a good sense of taking responsibility for myself and looking at my side of a situation and how I have contributed to the problem.


I have been processing the last week. I found myself having generalized anger and I have been throwing it out in different arenas. I am not sure how to describe it, but in what I might call social or public arenas.

One was with Aweber, my email service. There was a long-standing problem that cost me upwards of a thousand dollars. The other was with Comcast where my telephone, television and Internet performed poorly this week.

No need to go into the details, but I have been “running anger” in my body for a few days and it has been extremely uncomfortable. This is unusual for me. What I have been doing is noticing the anger in my body and feeling the sensations. It has been important for me to be loving and nurturing to myself because anger can create some major issues given I have adrenal fatigue. It can really wipe me out.

With anger, I need to assess the situation and either make a change or accept the situation. With Aweber, I have decided to change to a new email marketing program, even though I may lose many of my contacts. With Comcast, I decided I will call them and discuss the situation (again) and see about resolving the issues, even though it takes a lot of my time.

In the process of these few days of “angering” though, I realized that I have eaten more sugar than usual and have also enjoyed wine as a way of taking the edge off.

Neither of these is the best solution. Hindsight tells me to journal before I reach for another solution!

Anger is a secondary emotion. It covers up pain and fear. I also have had a sense of wanting to cry, but not being able to and not knowing why. More will come in another blog . . . or as my late, former husband Peter Campbell used to say . . . “More will be revealed.”

3 Comments on “Anger craves Sugar!”

  1. dawn546 says:

    It is interesting how quickly we avoid our journal when times are not what we want them to be. That is probably the fear of writing down what our real frustrations are and admiting that when we are “angry” we eat and drink more than is needed.

    It is kind of like asking which came first, the chicken or the egg? For me, frustration can lead to anger. But the anger is because I feel I have no control in resolving the issue; which adds more frustration.

    And I think you know that the sweets gave you the adrenal rush and soon took a nose-dive. And alcohol acts as a depressant. A great combination for roller-coaster emotions.

    • Dawn, the issues was an underlying issue that was directly related to a friendship, but it was days after the “angering” at something I could not control that this came to light. Noticing the sugar cravings and having a glass of wine alerted me to something was buried deeper. This is a teaching moment for all to notice your behavior so that you can dig deeper or in my case, let it surface. I’ll write about this more.

      It is interesting you would see the sweets giving me an adrenal rush and emotional roller coaster. I’ll have to remember that when I work with clients. Being hypoglycemic, for me sugar puts me to sleep and in this case, numbs me into relaxation.

      There is always so much to learn!

  2. sandytsc says:

    Interesting Candess. First of all, hope your anger no more. I have been in the ‘angry / frustration’ mode past week. Interestingly, I did notice looking for sweets / candies. Not in excessive though. Hmm…as I am writing this now, wonder if it could be the sugar in my almost daily milk tea that aggrevate the ‘condition’….. Anyway, thanks for this enlightening piece. Wishing you well! Take good care!

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