Candess M. Campbell, PhD is an international Intuitive Counselor, Intuitive Life Coach, International Workshop Facilitator, Author, and provides 144 Strand DNA Activation.

Candess M. Campbell, PhD is the Author of
12 Weeks to Self-Healing: The Gift of Pain
.  She is a
Lightworker, a Nightworker, and
psychic healer who helps clients

Candess has a doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy from American
Pacific University
, a Master’s Degree from Gonzaga
in Counseling Psychology, a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a
minor in Religious Studies from Gonzaga University.

She has 27 years experience counseling clients and 19 years experience as a
psychic healer. She specializes in assisting clients clear karma
working with a group of Ascended Masters called the
Lords of Karma.

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