Give a Kindle for Christmas!

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This year for Christmas I bought myself an Inversion table. Not that I have Bat Medicine, but I have dreamed of hanging upside down for years now. The thought of my spine gently stretching is, well, you know.

If I didn’t have a Kindle though, I would have bought myself a Kindle. Not the new Fire Kindle that is advertised, but like the one I now have, the Kindle. The Kindle Touch would be nice. I’m not sure about the Kindle Keyboard; would have to see it first.  I like that the screen does not have back lighting and is easy on the eyes. It doesn’t feel like working on the computer! I did buy a cover with a light and that works fine for me.
Who would love a Kindle?

  •   Someone like myself who doesn’t like to be the passenger in a car. In my case, specifically last year when in an auto-rickshaw where we were battling cars, motorcycles, bicycles, rickshaws, cows and buses in the streets of Kolkata.  The Kindle was a perfect place to hide my face, even in the dark because I turned the light on!
  •   A loved one who generally has five to seven books either by the bedside or the table near the sofa. It is really nice to switch from a novel to a self-help book to an inspirational book and back again. Then if I have a class I have to study for I can read some of the text, break with a chapter in my novel and back again.
  •   Travelers are great prospects for the Kindle. I have a friend who just left for Guatemala to live on her sailboat for a month. She suspected her sisters would buy her a Kindle for Christmas. I hope they did. Being an avid reader, lugging a suitcase of books across the ocean is not only heavy, but expensive.
  •   Someone who has to share a lap with pets and often has a hard time holding a heavy book when reading until early hours of the morning.
  •   The person who has been hinting would be a great candidate for a Kindle. Now, although I like the one I have, listen to see if they hint for the Fire or not. It’s best to give them what they want.

I remember many years ago when I first became aware of Amazon, I called my brother (not a reader, but an investor) and said to him, “I don’t know much about stocks, but if I bought anything, I’d buy this.”

Amazon has continued to amaze me and I love the Kindle! Hey, I’ll even have an e-book to blog about in the next couple months.

Another reason for you to buy a Kindle.

Have a happy and playful holiday!

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