Improvising or am I just plain spoiled!


“You are a manipulator.  I like to think of myself more as an outcome engineer.” 

― J.R. WardLover Eternal

Wow, previously I posted about pairing my working (which is easy for me to do each day) with exercise, which is much more difficult because I am often working. In the earlier post, I showed the photo of my Kindle on the plastic shelf on my recumbent bike. It was easy for me to ride for 10 miles that day!

And then I thought – what about watching webinars or writing blogs, or updating my websites while I was riding my bike! Look what I found!



I now have a plastic tray that holds my Mac Air laptop. I decided to give it to myself for my birthday which is in February. I am not much of a shopper, but I do splurge around my birthday!

Okay! This is great! Let’s see how I do!

Share with me ways you get yourself to show up for your exercise routine.

It’s what is underneath that counts. . .

If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.

Amit Ray, Om Chanting and Meditation


Into the third month of my health plan, I’m getting to a place of complacency. What is showing up is the problem underneath . . . which for me has been stress.

My stress as I have shared, comes from doing too much. I won’t go into all that I do. Many of us do too much!

IMG_1314What I will say though is I notice when I over-function, I experience stress. Because I love what I do, I often don’t take the necessary time to rest Stress is stress! Whether you are having fun or in chaos, it is still stress.

I am happy that I have lost some weight, feel better in my clothes, get compliments, but mostly, I am happy that I feel like I am in control of my life.

My focus for the next few days is to be conscious of what I am doing. Is it necessary? Fun? Relaxing?

This morning I awoke and lie in bed next to Domingo and read Scandalous Housewives: Mumbai on my Kindle. Now, that was relaxing. I enjoyed the comfort of my bed, seeing the tops of the trees and the sky out the window and having a fresh cup of coffee as I lost myself in the lives of these Indian women.

For me what has been under my weight gain has been stress.

Other reasons we may gain weight:

  1. Stuffing feelings

  2. Living in the past

  3. Lack of planning around food

  4. Underlying health issues

  5. Chronic anger

  6. Lack of education

 There are so many more.

Hope you are using your journal to connect more deeply with yourSelf in your own process toward better health.

 Some sentence stems to play with . . .

 If you have not used the Sentence Stems yet, you can find how to do this here!

  1. I become stressed when . . .

  2. I unwind best by . . .

  3. If I nurtured myself I would . . .



Give a Kindle for Christmas!

*** *** ***
This year for Christmas I bought myself an Inversion table. Not that I have Bat Medicine, but I have dreamed of hanging upside down for years now. The thought of my spine gently stretching is, well, you know.

If I didn’t have a Kindle though, I would have bought myself a Kindle. Not the new Fire Kindle that is advertised, but like the one I now have, the Kindle. The Kindle Touch would be nice. I’m not sure about the Kindle Keyboard; would have to see it first.  I like that the screen does not have back lighting and is easy on the eyes. It doesn’t feel like working on the computer! I did buy a cover with a light and that works fine for me.
Who would love a Kindle?

  •   Someone like myself who doesn’t like to be the passenger in a car. In my case, specifically last year when in an auto-rickshaw where we were battling cars, motorcycles, bicycles, rickshaws, cows and buses in the streets of Kolkata.  The Kindle was a perfect place to hide my face, even in the dark because I turned the light on!
  •   A loved one who generally has five to seven books either by the bedside or the table near the sofa. It is really nice to switch from a novel to a self-help book to an inspirational book and back again. Then if I have a class I have to study for I can read some of the text, break with a chapter in my novel and back again.
  •   Travelers are great prospects for the Kindle. I have a friend who just left for Guatemala to live on her sailboat for a month. She suspected her sisters would buy her a Kindle for Christmas. I hope they did. Being an avid reader, lugging a suitcase of books across the ocean is not only heavy, but expensive.
  •   Someone who has to share a lap with pets and often has a hard time holding a heavy book when reading until early hours of the morning.
  •   The person who has been hinting would be a great candidate for a Kindle. Now, although I like the one I have, listen to see if they hint for the Fire or not. It’s best to give them what they want.

I remember many years ago when I first became aware of Amazon, I called my brother (not a reader, but an investor) and said to him, “I don’t know much about stocks, but if I bought anything, I’d buy this.”

Amazon has continued to amaze me and I love the Kindle! Hey, I’ll even have an e-book to blog about in the next couple months.

Another reason for you to buy a Kindle.

Have a happy and playful holiday!

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