Breast Cancer Prevention

Whether it be mammography or thermography (or both), these tests are easy to get and provide a great preventive measure for women.

October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, I have been thinking about the prevention of breast cancer.  The focus of most of my work and my upcoming book is about self-healing.  Self-testing and being preventative certainly fits in here. We are taught to do monthly breast exams as well as have mammograms yearly. What I have always thought is, it would be wonderful for women to communicate with their husbands, boyfriends, lovers, to be involved in this process as well. I figure since men like to play in this area, why not be more proactive in helping their women stay healthy. It would be an incredible experience for couples to bring checking for lumps into the privacy of their loving relationship.

I remember mentioning this to the nurse a couple years ago when getting a mammogram. She said that it is often the men who notice a lump in the woman’s breast. Often by the time they do though, the lump is fairly large, so consciously examining for lumps more often would help.

The nurse said it is also good for men to have breast exams. We don’t think about this as much, but she said they see men in their office for mammograms about once or twice a month.

I hope this doesn’t make you uncomfortable, but instead inspires you to be an advocate for health with yourself and your loving partner.