Penance, reminded my brother is a very lonely place.

Sarah Winman , When God Was a Rabbit

Okay, I was back to the gym and Luke, my trainer changed up my routine. In the racquetball court he set up a ladder. Okay, I was ready to do penance since I exercised less that I would have liked when he was on vacation. I felt like an athlete running through these ropes.


Luke asked me if I was okay with myself or upset with myself since I didn’t follow through with the program he set up for me to do when he was gone. That was a good question. The truth is, I have been loving and compassionate with myself in this process of losing weight and increasing my health.

At this point, I need to eat less to continue losing weight and I need to increase my cardio. What I noticed is that on the days I went to the gym I walked Domingo longer and more often. I was more active all day long. On the days I didn’t go to the gym, I was less active.

Today, I’m not ready to make a specific commitment toward increasing cardio on a regular basis, but in the twilight state tonight, right before I fall asleep, I will prime my subconscious by seeing myself doing several activities to raise my heart rate such as riding my bike, walking faster or running, and my favorite – dancing!

I believe in being gentle with myself. Having adrenal fatigue has taught me that pushing myself just pushes me down, and encouraging, loving, and rewarding myself allows me to be positive and honest with myself.

My feet are dragging . . .

When people say “If I only knew then what I know now” makes me wonder why they aren’t using that wisdom now.

 Rob Liano

Luke and Candess

Luke and Candess


As much as Luke Brady prepared me before he left on vacation, I didn’t follow through.  At the gym he went over all my exercises and weights  and wrote them down.  Today I have a training appointment with Luke and although I am looking forward to getting back on track, my feet are dragging.

What I did do while he was on vacation. Weights at home, Yoga at the Yasodhara Yoga Center, road my recumbent bike and walked Domingo at least once a day. Nevertheless, it was not enough!

Previously, I blogged about accountability and this is a great testament to my needing to be held accountable. Although my feet are dragging, I am ready to get back to it!

Wish me luck!

(And for all my clients who I hold accountable and know me to be a tough counselor or coach; this is your one chance to call me on walking my talk!)



Has to be both – this and that!

Day Six

Busy work day today. Domingo walked me. I realize I need to not separate days into exercise days and workdays. There cannot be an either/or. There can be a both! Still detoxing a lot and am caught between how good it is for me and how I want to feel better and have more energy. Ugh!

 Wasn’t too hard to be grain free today. Instead of eggs and a piece of toast I fixed eggs scrambled with spinach and the peppers in my yard. I added some cheese. It was filling and less points (weight watchers system.)

 I don’t do weight watchers right now, but have an app on my phone that calculates the points. I use it off and on.


Walking Slow

Day Five

Okay, I planned to go to the gym today and didn’t do it. In the afternoon, I did drive by the Club though on my way to Costco to find a backup drive for my computer. I like working out on Sundays. Saw my former boyfriend’s Rav4 parked there and thought, oh, I need to workout in the mornings. Not really interested in sharing the floor with him right now.

Domingo taking me for a walk!

Domingo taking me for a walk!

Domingo walked me twice. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon. That’s 30-minutes total, but it was hot and we walked slowly. Not too many points for me today.